Friday, 26 June 2015

Iran’s role in the war against ISIS

Sen. Lindsey Graham، R-S.C. ، said on NBC's "Meet the Press:” I Fear Iran More Than ISIS” and “They're a cold-blooded، cruel regime that's killed American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. They're the leading state sponsor of terrorism”

Iran’s role in the war against ISIS in Iraq is one of the complicated issues that US President Barack Obama faces in pursuing an effective strategy to weaken and annihilate ISIS.
The above news piece highlighted this issue for me that the world has yet to reach a point to be able to understand the threat of Shiite militias. To this day I have read or heard about different articles comparing these two evil phenomenons resulting from a source known as fundamentalism. However, the scene in the Middle East shows there is still support for this idea that one can use Shiite fundamentalist militias against Sunni fundamentalist ISIS. This perspective has brought Yemen to the point it is today. In a country where it was argued that militias trained by the ayatollah regime in Iran can be used in the war against al-Qaeda (the origin of such mentality seen in ISIS), the natural trend on the ground has caused Yemen to completely fall apart. This time around the Saudis took a strong stance against Obama’s no-cost policy and launched Operation Decisive Storm in the region, proving once again that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its supreme leader understand the language of force quit well. This is where many analysts said Riyadh is a friend for Washington, but not an ally when Mr. Obama considers the Islamic republic an ally in the war against ISIS and al-Qaeda. This is where one realizes that the threat posed by the Iran-trained Shiite militias is not understood while their crimes are no less than ISIS and are actually much more inhumane.
Therefore, in this blog I decided to provide texts on the crimes and root mentality of this global threat to maybe provide a way to understand this phenomenon all over again.

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