Saturday, 28 May 2016

Iran’s response after Jordan summoned its ambassador from Tehran

May 2016
Jordan summoned its ambassador from Tehran in protest to Iran’s meddling policies in Middle East countries. The Iranian regime, finding itself more and more isolated across the region, has resorted its old tactics and tricks by instigating fear and raising threats.

In this regard, the Jordan-Syria border has in recent weeks witnessed a significant rise in the amount of narcotics, arms and individuals being smuggled into Jordan. This phenomenon has raised serious suspicions amongst Jordanian officials.
Political analysts in Jordan believe more and more fingers are being pointed at Iran being behind this recent hike in smuggling measures in the Jordan-Syria border area.
Sources in Jordan believe the political positions adopted by Amman recently regarding the Syria crisis, along with the Iranian regime’s reaction in this regard, all led to Jordan recalling its envoy from Tehran for further discussions. Iran is attempting to flood Jordan with narcotics and weapons, resulting in a serious stir of stability in this important U.S. ally in the region.
What is understood in Jordan recalling its ambassador from Tehran is a very strong position adopted by Jordan in the face of Iran’s policies in the Middle East. This recent measure by Amman is coordinated with Gulf States, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia.
The recent trend of a variety of smuggling activities in Jordan has escalated tremendously, with numbers showing a 400% skyrocket increase. Infiltration operations have escalated 350% in comparison to the past 3 years.
According to domestic news from Jordan, more than 7 million pills of narcotics and 1,780 individuals smuggled into this country have been neutralized, and 581 others also intended to infiltrate into this country. These individuals and drugs have been handed over to the authorities, along with Jordanian officials confiscating more than 10,000 pieces of ammunition headed into their soil.
Amongst the smuggled weapons more than 1,000 shotguns, 200 AK-47 assault rifles, 52 hand grenades, 5 remote controlled explosive devices, 45 transmitters, 7 million pills of narcotics, 50 bullet-proof vests and 8 heavy machine guns have been found.
Through Syria, Iran intends to carry out such smuggling operations and ultimately place pressure on and harass Jordan.

Informed sources said the smugglers had laptops specifically designed for smuggling activities, intended to mislead advanced controlling devices installed in Jordan.

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