Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Murder, Abductions and Corruption in Iraq by Quds Force-associated militias

October 2015
Innocent people are easily murdered in Iraq. Today, the blood of an Iraqi human being is literally cheaper than any other item on the market. What law and what government allows these militias to spill blood in such manners? This is corruption that has given birth to such murders and killings in Mesopotamia.

Iraqi militias and gangs trained under Quds Force supervision in Iran prior to 2003 entered Iraq along with US forces, and unfortunately America allowed these units to easily infiltrate into the Iraqi security apparatus.
The status quo in Iraq is currently very complex and dire. On one hand, ISIS has taken control over one third of this country’s soil; we also have Quds Force-associated militia groups, effectively in power in Iraq and carrying out Qassem Suleimani’s policies in this country; and finally there is the government of Mr. al-Abadi effectively lacks any executive power and is only a witness to all the mayhem. Today, Iraq is the scene of militias using official Iraqi security forces’ uniforms and using formal vehicles with American-made weapons roaming in the streets of Baghdad. No one gets in their way and they are seen literally abducting and murdering any one they wish, while Iraqi security forces lack the will or ability to confront them.
Last month Katayeb Hezbollah militias in Baghdad abducted 18 Turk engineers and workers, and security forces dispatched to the scene faced stiff resistance from Katayeb Hezbollah units. In an armed conflict in the middle of Baghdad, security forces, army and police units were forced to retreat. After the battle settled down, it was the militias warning Iraqi security forces they cannot enter areas of Baghdad under their control. Finally, after negotiations with Turkey the 18 abducted Turks were released in a town located south of Baghdad.
Two weeks ago a judiciary lawyer by the name of Mr. Abdul-Karim al-Sa’di was abducted militia units in official vehicles and following negotiations with the al-Sa’di family and receiving $1.5 million in ransom from the family he was released recently in Baghdad’s Shiite al-Sha’ab district.
Baghdad witnesses abductions and murders on a daily basis, and one can truly claim this city is the most insecure capital across the globe.
Quds Force methods are similar in all countries, forming militia groups to advance their policies. Iran doesn’t form Persian militia groups in Arab countries; in fact, it recruits local Arab youths for these purposes. In Iraq dozens of militia groups under various names are present, each undertaking different missions ordered by the Quds Force in Iraq. Most of these groups are dispatched by the Quds Force to Syria for evaluations and to gain some experience in battle in the war against the Syrian people. These militia groups can be described as Iran’s tools to carry out murders and killings across the Middle East.
In Baghdad, despite the high density of security forces, it is the militia groups that have the actual power at their disposal, and quite easily pursue Quds Force’s demands. For example, one of these groups is the Badr Organization, established in Iran and in Iraq under Maliki its head was appointed as the Minister of Transportation. Another such militia group is Asaeb al-Haq, formed in 2007 and financially supported by Iran and Maliki and enjoys widespread influence today in Baghdad and southern Iraq. Militia groups in Iraq are not merely supported by Iran, but are intertwined with Iran’s ideology of the theocratic rule. They can be described as the Quds Force protégés.
Similar militia groups can be seen today in Syria and Yemen, and more recently Tehran has formed such units in Bahrain and Kuwait, seeking to repeat the Lebanese Hezbollah experience across the region.
I call on all Arab countries that Iran is seeking to implement further plots on your soil, with the aim of forming militia groups in countries currently enjoying stability.

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