Saturday, 17 October 2015

Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen: First Reaction to Iran’s Enmity

October 2015
Operation Decisive Storm against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen is a significant, yet long overdue, blow to Iran’s occupation in this country. This campaign must continue until all of Iran’s reaches in the region are cut short, and to rein in its widespread meddling in the internal affairs of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and other neighboring countries.

Establishing a joint Arab military force and launching Operation Decisive Storm, aimed at supporting law and order in Yemen to confront Iran-backed militias, is quite necessary and this should have taken place long ago.
Following the occupation of Iraq by the United States, a golden opportunity was provided to the mullahs in Tehran to take advantage of the situation on the ground, under the wrong policies adopted by the US, and expand its hidden occupation of Mesopotamia. Operation Decisive Storm is the first obstacle and serious response to the animosity seen from the regime in Iran during the past few decades. Therefore, this caught Tehran off guard and has changed all its calculations. If this Arab campaign actually continues to a decisive end, it must save the entire region, including Syria and Iraq, of the devious meddling imposed by those sitting on the throne in Tehran.
As I have said before my experience during the past 30 years shows that Iran and its proxies only understand tough language because fundamentalism – Iran being the founder and main support of – is safe as long as it is left to be on its own. However, it will withdraw and retreat whenever it sees resistance and a firm stance.
Iran has reached a dead-end and is engulfed with lethal strategic crises in the past two decades, yet it has been able to take advantage of the weakness seen in Western countries and their policy of conciliation, along with the silence of Middle East states in the face of its reign of hatred. Therefore it has been free to expand its meddling in the region. This is exactly why evicting Iran and its proxies from Yemen should be expanded to the entire region, especially Iraq and Syria.

Currently Iran’s society is tantamount to a drum of gunpowder that may explode at any moment and overthrow the corrupt mullahs’ rule in Tehran. If regional countries and those neighboring Iran are able to cut off the mullahs’ tentacles, rest assured it will be of great support to the Iranian people in overthrowing the mullahs. The only way to actually establish peace and friendship in the Middle East is to first establish peace and friendship in Iran through the toppling of the current regime in Tehran.

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