Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Iran Quds Force associated Shiite militias in Iraq

Date: February 2016
Attiar al-Resali Battalions
Secretary-General: Adnin Ramidh Kharnub Abid al-Shahmani (Adnan al-Shahmani), MP
Religious Leader: Kazem al-Haeri
Foundation: June 2014

Adnan al-Shahmani

Kazem al-Haeri

Katayeb al-Tiar al-Resali (Battalions with a Calling) are Shiite militias linked to Adnan al-Shahmani. Back in 2005 when Abdul-Motaleb Mohamed Ali was the Health Minister of former Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim Jafari, al-Shahmani was considerd a deputy minister who used assets and budgets of this ministry to run his own special terror groups. He provided the expenses for their terrorist attacks through such means. Al-Shahmani was the main Mahdi Army commander in Baghdad who commanded the special groups’ attacks in close cooperation with Hakel al-Zamoli, deputy health minister in Jafari’s cabinet. Jafari is currently head of the Iraqi Parliament Defense & Security Commission.
In 2007 he first launched an entity by the name of the “Iraq National Association”. Sheikh Adnan carried out all his activities in full coordination with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force and joined Akram al-Ka’bi and Sheikh Qeis al-Khaz’ali in Basra to meet with Abu Rezvan (Emad Muqniya, a known Iranian regime element in Lebanon later assassinated in Syria) with the objective of carrying out attacks against U.S. forces.

Commanding Special Groups:
In 2007 when Maliki asked Mahdi Army commanders to go to Iran for some time, Adnan al-Shahmani left Iraq for Iran. The Quds Force established close contact with al-Shahmani and he was later hired by the IRGC Quds Force. After his return to Iraq in the fall of 2007 he became one of the main commanders of terrorist groups in Baghdad’s Rasafe region and carried out his terrorist attacks through three militia commanders by the names of Haider Rahman, Emad Jihad al-Fatlawi and Qaed Aziz, who were all down the road arrested by U.S. forces and held in Buka Prison for some time. Operational teams linked to Sheikh Adnan staged their attacks most in Baghdad, including Mashtal, Baladiyat, Baghdad al-Jadida, and Hay al-Ameen. However, the main pivot point of these special groups commander by Sheikh al-Shahmani were stationed in Baghdad al-Jadida and al-Ameen. These groups also carried out attakcs in other parts of Baghdad, such as al-Baya’, Hay al-Amel, Madina al-Sadr, al-Sha’b and Iskan. In early 2008 the Quds Force provided huge financial aid to al-Shahmani and Qeis al-Khaz’ali, along with their associated groups. The Quds Force placed a base located in Baghdad’s Jaderiya region at their dispoal to support al-Shahmani’s efforts. This site was fully equipped with high-tech security assets. It is also worth noting that al-Shahmani enjoyed very close relations with former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, yet this relationship would never be seen public.

Taking part in parliamentary elections
On the doorsteps of provincial council elections in 2008 the Quds Force proposed to al-Shahmani to enter politics to pave his path into the parliament, and senior government and ministerial posts.
According to advice provided by the Quds Force, al-Shahmani inched himself closer and closer to the centers of power in Maliki’s government, cementing his position in the future government of Iraq, both in the parliament and/or other government posts.Therefore, he took part in the 2010 general elections and formed a new entity named the “Iraq Movement with a Calling”, going on to join Maliki’s associated State of Law coalition. He entered the parliament after gaining 3,254 votes. In the parliaments of 2010 and 2013 he served as a member of the Defense & Security Commission.

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