Monday, 8 February 2016

Iran’s further isolation in the Middle East

January 2016
The Foreign Ministers Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was held at Saudi Arabia’s request on January 21st in Jeddah. In the past the Iranian regime considered itself in complete control of the OIC and took advantage of this summit to cloak its terrorist objectives and meddling activities.
This summit was in one word a new step for even more isolation for Tehran in the Middle East, with the noose tightening around Iran’s neck more than ever before.

This conference has reached a point of holding a session for the sole reason of condemning the Iranian regime and adopting a statement using the strongest possible tone lambasting the ruling clerics in Tehran. This latest summit called for specific practical measures by member states.
A short look at the articles of this conference resembles this very clearly. The first article strongly condemns Iran for its attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, saying such measures are in complete contrast to OIC and UN charters calling for safeguarding peace and security, and avoiding meddling in internal affairs of other countries. Other articles of this statement condone Iran’s provocative remarks against Saudi Arabia and other countries, along with Iran’s meddling in the internal affairs of regional countries and its continuing support for terrorism. The statement continues by supporting all measures taken by Saudi Arabia and all statements issued  condemning Iran. This significant stance in two articles called for practical measures by member states against Iran, including actions to prevent Iran’s sectarian and religious plots due to its destructive nature and the dangerous consequences for security and stability of member states, along with international peace and security.
This short glance at the summit statement is crystal clear in depicting a very stark isolation for the Iranian regime more than ever before. Iran’s response to this summits and its statements were very weak. In previous years if any country or organization in the region took a stance against Iran, all regime clerics and state-run media would launch a major campaign against the particular country or organization. However, one has to look very hard to find any such remarks these days, making it quite obvious that Iran is attempting to lay low and let the tides pass. However, Tehran knows quite well these waves will continue one after another with no end in sight.
We can come to a certain conclusion that Iran is very weak in the current balance of power. Iran’s foreign ministry issued a statement complaining why no one has taken into consideration Tehran’s measures against those who raided the Saudi embassy? This is a reference to the ridiculous measures taken by Iran supposedly arresting a number of individuals in this regard, yet no particular result to report.

One can clearly realize how Iran is further and further engulfed in regional and global isolation. 

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