Thursday, 3 December 2015

Flagrant meddling of Iran’s Quds Force in Bahrain

December 2015
Iran has been seeking a foothold amongst Persian Gulf countries in order to export its fundamentalism and terrorism. To this end Tehran has always considered Bahrain as the most adequate state considering its Shiite population.

 This is why in the last few months Tehran has taken specific measures against this small country, of which we will refer to in brief:
The Bahrain Foreign Ministry summoned Hamid Shafi’zad, the Iranian embassy’s charge d’affaires in Manama, delivering him an official protest memo in reaction to the recent remarks made by Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei about Bahrain.
This memo, handed over by Bahrain’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullatif Abdullah, emphasized that such remarks are “flagrant meddling in Bahrain’s internal affairs and considered an unacceptable aggression against its sovereignty and independence. Furthermore this is a blatant violation of United Nations principles.” The Bahrain news agency, “BANA”, cited Ambassador Abdullah and explained these remarks are “far from the truth.” He called for an urgent end to such remarks that are flagrant provocations and “reflecting an obvious emphasis on provoking sedition and tension in the region, and called for focus on paths that will lead to the improvement of the conditions of the friendly and brotherly nation of Iran.”
It is worth noting that last month Bahrain recalled its ambassador, Rashed Sa’ad al-Dosari, from Tehran, emphasizing that Iran’s charge d’affaires Mohammad Reza Babaie is an inadequate figure for this role. At that time he had asked him to depart Bahrain in 72 hours. The Bahrain Foreign Ministry described, “This decision is being implemented considering Tehran’s continuing meddling in Bahrain’s affairs taking place without any legal or moral obstacle, and Iran’s efforts and measures to create sectarian sedition and imposing its hegemony over all this region.” The Bahrain Deputy Foreign Ministry emphasized on the necessity to abide by the principles of the UN and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, not meddling in Bahrain’s internal affairs, respecting this country’s sovereignty and independence, and acknowledging the principles of good neighborliness and international relations between independent countries. This Bahrain official emphasized his country “will never back down from taking measures to protect its interests, security and stability, and guarantee the well-being of the Bahrain nation.”
Khamenei in his remarks last Wednesday accused the Bahrain government of attacking the rituals of a sect.
It is worth noting that Bahrain security authorities have in the past few months busted a number of terrorist cells that possessed a significant amount of explosives made in Iran. These authorities also arrested individuals trained in Tehran and received their orders from others still in Tehran.
The Bahrain government arrested 12 Iranian terrorist elements on Sunday, November 15th on charges of “forming terrorist groups and conducting armed attacks against the police”, sentencing them to life in jail and having their citizenships revoked. Furthermore, on November 9th another court in Bahrain condemned 5 others on charges of terrorist activities and espionage for Iran. Their citizenship was also revoked.

The regime ruling Iran cannot continue its reign for another single day without exporting crisis and terrorism. It is obvious why Tehran has adopted such a policy against regional countries. The only method to take action against this policy is not found in Mr. Obama’s appeasement policy, rather a firm policy against this regime in Tehran. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama and Western governments are continuously providing concession to Tehran and turning their backs on its crimes against the Iranian people due to their short-term economic interests.

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