Friday, 25 December 2015

Who is the true supporter of ISIS?

December 2015
The criminal terrorist attack in California after the horrific onslaught launched in Paris once again shocked the entire world. With our deepest condolences to the victims’ families, unfortunately I must say that this latest attack, similar to the November 13th massacre in Paris, wrongly took place under the name of Islam; whereas the true spirit of Islam is abhorred of this barbarity and dreadful crimes.
If we take a look at the history of the formation of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, it becomes quite clear that ISIS is the offspring of the regimes of the mullahs in Iran, Bashar Assad in Syria and Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq. This illegitimate group, come to life due to the Iranian regime’s illegitimate coexistence with Bashar Assad, is currently being supported by these very entities. The characteristics of ISIS and the Iranian regime are one, and both are seeking war, killings and destruction. Have you ever asked yourselves why ISIS, while able to carry out terrorist attacks in all countries of the world, hasn’t carried out even one attack against the Iranian regime inside Iran or abroad?
As the Iranian regime has massacred the Iranian regime people for over 35 years, it’s cognate, being ISIS, targets and kills defenseless people in concert halls or health centers; whereas religions of God have come for nothing but freedom, human emancipation and liberty from all evils.
Principle amongst us human beings from different societies is freedom, compassion and unity, not hatred, dictatorship and torment. The dispute is neither between Shiites or Sunnis, nor Muslims and Christians, nor even peoples and cultures of the Middle East with those of the West. In fact, the true struggle is between the dictatorship ruling Iran, Syria and Iraq against nations yearning for freedom. Whoever claims to act in the name of Islam must stand against Khamenei, Bashar Assad and Maliki, not riddle innocent people with bullets.
I must emphasize that the solution to ISIS in Syria and Iraq is to respect the will of the people, and the struggles of nations in this region, especially with an alternative that is based on a democratic and tolerant Islam on one hand, and the struggle against the roots and Godfather of ISIS, being the Iranian regime on the other. The perseverance and struggle of the people in Iran, Syria and Iraq will most definitely bring an end to the dictatorships that are the sources of fundamentalism. Therefore, we raise general awareness amongst all peoples regarding the efforts made by the Iranian regime and its accomplices that are seeking to maintain Bashar Assad in power and rein in the remnants of their strategic defeat.
In recent weeks the governments of the United States, France and Turkey have officially confirmed it is none other than the Bashar Assad regime that is purchasing oil from ISIS. On the other hand, all parties know that Bashar Assad’s financial resources are provided by the Iranian regime on a non-stop basis. Therefore, the money provided by the Iranian regime is spent to provide for the expenses of ISIS killings, all through Bashar Assad. Enjoying the support of Bashar Assad, ISIS has found the opportunity to rise and expand, and it will not be destroyed without Bashar Assad being overthrown.
This fact obligates Western governments to adopt policies supporting the will of the innocent people of Syria to overthrow Bashar Assad as soon as possible, provide vast support for the Free Syrian Army in its struggle against the Assad regime and emphasize on evicting all foreign forces, especially the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, from Syria and Iraq. Only through such a policy can one hope for and end to terrorist attacks taking place in Europe and America, and only through such measures will tranquility return to the Middle East and Europe.

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