Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Two Quds Force agents arrested in Kenya

December 2015
The arrest of two of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force terrorist agent by Kenyan security forces, and the resulting remarks made by officials afterwards once again revealed the strings attaching the mullahs’ regime and vicious terrorism under the name of Islam in Africa.

Following the arrest of two terrorist Quds Force elements in Kenya, authorities believe if Iran’s plots were successfully implemented the focus would be on the Somalian militant group al-Shabab, and not on Iran, the Associated Press reported on November 28th.
A report on the details of the two arrested terrorists in Kenya, by the names of Sadeq Louie and Yasin Jom’e, indicates:
Abu Bakr Sadeq Louie, 69, confirmed he used to hire Kenyans youths for espionage and to carry out terrorist attacks in Nairobi. Louie was secretly working outside of Iran on behalf of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force. “Parsa” was his nom du guerre with the Quds Force, and his role was to specify the targets and measures that the second individual, named Jom’e, had to carry out for the terrorist attacks in Nairobi. Jom’e was arrested upon returning to Nairobi after receiving various military training in Iraq.
Sadegq Louie said he had hired a group of well-trained local young Muslim men as the secret executors of the IRGC Quds Force.
An in-depth report carried out by Kenyan secret services, including access to intelligence of other African intelligence services, allowed the investigators to identify “Parsa” as he had visited the countries of this continent many times. His real name is Mojtaba Ghanbarian.
Ghanbarian and Jom’e met in Karbala, Iraq back in August, and afterwards, Jom’e was introduced for special training. In this meeting Jom’e received thousands of dollars to carry out terrorist attacks in Kenya. In this training he also gathered information about a hotel in Karbala, which was similar to his mission in Nairobi.
A look into the past shows that the Iranian regime’s terrorist attacks in Africa go back to 1998. In a simultaneous attack the embassies of the United States in Kenya and Tanzania were attacked, in which 230 individuals were killed and over 5,000 others were wounded. In 2011 a court ruling in the U.S. said Iranian regime agents had through the Lebanese Hezbollah provided training and explosives to bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and direct support for al-Qaeda.
In January 2014 two agents, by the names of Abolfat’hi and Mousavi, dispatched by the terrorist Quds Force, were arrested while possessing 15 kg of explosives. A court in Kenya sentenced these Quds Force agents to life in jail.
The Quds Force has assessed African countries, with nations living in poverty, as adequate locations to pursue its policy of fundamentalism and terrorist attacks. Tehran is dispatching suitable individuals from these countries back to Iran in order to have them hired by the Quds Force and provide them with the necessary training.

As I have stated in previous articles, the nuclear agreement signed with Iran and the appeasement policy vis-à-vis this regime has not only failed to lessen Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, in fact it has encouraged the regime to further pursue its fundamentalism policy.

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