Sunday, 12 July 2015

Iran supreme leader sees dreams coming true in Iraq

Today I read a report on the Internet that raised my attention. Hossein Hamedani, deputy commander of the ‘Imam Hossein’ Base in Iran has said, “Once our biggest objective was to reach Basra, which we never accomplished. Today, however, we are fighting the enemy in Baghdad and Samara.”

One can analyze this report from various perspectives. First of all, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) through one of its senior commanders is admitting its forces are busy fighting the in Samara and Baghdad. Now it is possible to think that this individual didn’t know what he was actually talking about, made a mistake and is very naïve. Quite the contrary. These remarks were in fact very coordinated and directed, sending a specific message to their American counterparts. He sought to make it clear that the IRGC is present in Samara and Baghdad, and it is they who have maintained the Iraqi government intact.
Second, he is seeking to tell his correspondents that Khomeini’s expansionist plots, being very idealistic back then, have materialized and the absolute rule of the mullahs has reached its initial objectives and is boasting about its accomplishments. As you are already aware Khomeini began and continued the war against Iraq under the banner of “Conquering Quds through Karbala”. Now his regime has reached Karbala and the IRGC are parading in this sacred southern Iraqi city. In this regard I wanted to congratulate Mr. Obama and the US on how they have literally handed Iraq over to the Iranian regime in a silver plate. Now, we are forced to watch saber-rattling by a senior IRGC commander. In fact, the US accomplished what Khomeini failed to in his foolish 8-year long war with Iraq. Again, one must truly congratulate the US and all this accomplishment for the Iranian regime. Below is a map obtained during the 1980s depicting the Iranian regime’s objectives. Tehran was known to widely distribute this map: (The map is in Farsi but the arrows are very illustrative.
As you see in this map the arrows initiate from inside Iran towards Karbala, then Baghdad, Jordan, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. (The original copy of the map is available and it can be provided upon request)
Hamedani went on in his remarks to say if Iran didn’t intervene in the fight again “ISIS” and the “takfiris”, it would be forced to fight these groups on its own borders. This sentence is very vivid that the Iranian regime is busy expanding its rule and seeking to take over countries through exporting revolution, all to prevent its own overthrow by the Iranian people. Tehran is spending billions to this end, and with this pretext it is quelling any and all protests inside the country. As we see in the news Tehran is executing youths on a daily basis.
Now, at a time when the mullahs’ regime has reached the end of the line and there is no possible way left to provide a life line for the war in Syria and Iraq, Mr. Obama has once again entered the scene and is attempting to sign a nuclear agreement that is poised to pour billions of dollars into the mullahs’ treasury and relieve them of the harsh conditions resulting from biting international sanctions.
If I were in Khamenei’s place, God forbid, I would have expressed my utmost gratitude for all this kindness.

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