Monday, 20 July 2015

Obama’s deal with the Godfather of terrorism

The Iranian regime is the main state sponsor of terrorism in the world, the main backer of the Assad regime and other rogue regimes and groups in the Middle East and Africa, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq’s Shiite militia groups, the Houthis and Al-Shabab. Therefore it is necessary that this regime be restricted in order to prevent its terrorist operations across the globe.

The very signing of a deal between Obama and this regime is in fact a recognition and legitimization of this regime and its welcoming into the international community. This is while this regime never have such legitimacy in the past. This means that the regime can now openhandedly carry out its terrorist activities through its official embassies across the world; as they did in the first years after the Islamic revolution in Iran - for example the explosion of the Jewish building in Argentine, bombing the US Marines barracks in Lebanon, bombing the Kobar towers in Saudi Arabia and many assassinations in Europe.
The next issue is the billions of dollars that will be given to the regime, which will allow it to carry out its terrorist operations with more sophisticated equipment in other countries.
One must look at the effects of such a deal on the Iranian regime. In my view, the Iranian regime has come out of this deal much stronger and it will spread its terrorist and ominous behavior all across the globe.
I believe that with this new deal Iran will beef up its support of terrorist groups in the Middle East and Africa. In short, not only will the Iranian people not benefit from this deal, but they will suffer even more and face more poverty.

On behalf of the Iranian people I send Mr. Obama an unlike. 

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