Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Warning to all Persian Gulf countries on Quds Force terrorist attacks

I have read reports on the apprehension of a Quds Force element in Jordan. The presence of Quds Force elements in Middle East countries is nothing new for me and it has been years since the Iranian regime is dispatching agents not only to countries in its own backyard but also all the way to Europe. Tehran has been known to have a role in most terror attacks in Europe and Middle East countries. And the media covers this aspect of Iran’s foreign policy only in various occasions that Quds Force elements are arrested or intelligence is gathered proving the Quds Force having a role in such plots.

The Iranian regime in recent days has suffered major setbacks: it is on one hand involved in the nuclear whirlpool, and on the other hand it has suffered serious blows in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. In such cases experience shows that Iran’s government sees the only solution in further terror plots and by carrying terrorist attacks in European countries and the region it actually seeks to lessen the pressure on its shoulders.
The logic in today’s world shows that Iran, when involved in do-or-die nuclear talks, halts its nuclear activities to finalize the nuclear issue at hand. Now, why is it that Tehran took such measures in the last days of such important talks, and why did it choose Jordan?
The plot revealed in Jordan was the biggest such plan in the past ten years, ending with Tehran’s man being arrested. The apprehended individual was an Iraqi native who had lived in Iran for a long time, and then gone to Norway and received refugee status and afterwards Norwegian citizenship. This individual was recruited by the Quds Force and was executing this plot under their supervision, with around 45 kilograms of explosives at his disposal.
As you are aware Jordan King Abdullah II announced in mid-June he sees his country’s obligation to provide support for western Iraqi tribes. Following the King’s meeting with Iraqi Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri, reports have surfaced indicating Jordan intends to arm the Anbar Sunni tribes. Afterwards, the Anbar Revolutionary Tribes High Council praised King Abdullah bin al-Hussein’s role in supporting Anbar tribes.
Anyone arming Sunni tribes in Anbar is a red line for the Iranian regime, and it sought to teach Jordan a lesson to not ever have such plans in mind. Fortunately, the Quds Force agent was arrested and Iran’s plot was unveiled. This is the method used by the Iranian regime in the past 30 years and it has become ‘Iranian regime 101’ for all. Time and again Tehran has sought to pursue its policy through terrorist attacks.
Recently, in Bahrain a number of individuals intending to carry out terror attacks were also arrested, and down the road it was revealed they were all trained by Katayeb Hezbollah under Iran’s Revolutionary Guards supervision.
The Iranian regime is in a desperate situation and the only solution is to carry out terror plots in regional countries and stir up the status quo. Therefore, all regional countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Turkey should be on high alert regarding movements by Quds Force on their soil.

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