Monday, 20 July 2015

The Vienna deal will never prevent the Iranian regime from acquiring a nuclear bomb

On July 14th, a deal was announced between the P5+1 countries with Iran over its nuclear program. The Iranian regime called the deal a great victory and announced that it will celebrate. I still haven’t read the details of the deal but I can guess from the reactions.

Mr. Obama announced in his speech that with this deal Iran will never become a nuclear power. Indeed Obama’s speech surprised me. Is he not familiar with the mullahs ruling in Iran or does he think that those he is addressing are uninformed? Does he think that if the mullahs want to continue their nuclear program they will first ask Mr. Obama for permission and he will not allow them and case closed?
The Iranian regime is the most deceptive and cheating regime in the world. It proved it by keeping its nuclear activities in the dark and without notification of the IAEA for 15 years. Even after the revelation of its nuclear activities, it never stopped its nuclear ambitions and went on full force. Its ballistic missiles activities and revelations in this regard have been the topic of discussion in the international community.
In these 12 years the Iranian regime has gained a lot of experience on how to keep its nuclear activities in the dark. At this point, I’m positive that the Iranian regime will continue its nuclear activities, yet this time by doubling the secrecy.
As I’ve heard, snap inspections of its military sites is not in the deal and the regime is very happy in this regard and considers it as a great victory. Why? Because it can continue its nuclear activities away from the auspicious of UN inspectors who don’t have the permission to inspect military and suspicious sites.

It’s not irrelevant that the Iranian supreme leader and other officials have sent thousands of Likes to Mr. Obama.

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