Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Iraqi’s are stuck between ISIS “hammer” and Shiite militias “anvil”

Iraqi is witnessing a disordered security situation that is serving foreign interests. The velayat-e faqih in Iran is hiding behind its walls. The violent explosions, attacks and clashes in several Iraqi cities between the militias and ISIS are only targeting civilians.

After entering the 2003 war, Iraq has practically turned into an arena for settling scores, which is serving the expansionism of Iran. ISIS and Shiite militias are acting from two fronts in order to devour Iraq. Both have one ideology (which is), “whoever is not with me is against me”.
Today Iraq is stuck between the ISIS “hammer” and the Shiite militia “anvil”. This is a turning point and the Iraqi people are its only losers.
Maliki, in his 8 years in office, with the help of US Forces implemented the policies of Iran’s Quds Force. He suppressed the Sunnis to the point where only war and conflict was left for them. ISIS benefited most from Maliki’s crimes and pulled the Sunni tribes towards itself. The tribes in Sunni populated provinces had no other choice but to side with ISIS because the criminal Maliki and the Shiite militias had left no other path for them.
Yet this wasn’t the whole story. The Sunni tribes, who in conflict with Maliki’s rule and his atrocities had sided with ISIS, were faced with a new issue and that was the suppression and executions implemented by ISIS in the liberated cities. ISIS answered any dissent or any action against their will with the execution of youths. This was to a point where in a short period of time they established a religious dictatorship in the concurred cities.
Look at the Sunni populated provinces, on one hand they have to endure ISIS’ crimes in the liberated cities, and on the other hand they must endure the atrocities of Shiite militias, meaning that they are stuck between hammer and anvil. Indeed, if this was your choice, which would you pick? From what I’ve seen in these years and read in the news, the Shiite militias’ atrocities are much worse than ISIS. I have acquired footage of Shiite militia atrocities that I could have never imagined and am unable to share with the public. It is based on my above argument that Iraqi tribes would prefer being under ISIS rule a thousand times than facing the atrocities of Shiite militias.
How can this broken record be ended and what side can play the decisive role? Mr. Obama, as the US President, bears the main responsibility because it was the US that handed Iraq over to Iran and its Shiite militias in a golden plate. Now, by evicting Shiite militias from Sunni provinces, he must give confidence to the Sunni tribes that both ISIS and the Shiite militias are void and it is the tribes that can take over the security of their areas by evicting ISIS. This is the same policy that Iran has been trying to prevent in the Sunni provinces by the US for the past year.  
Here, I wanted to tell Mr. Obama that you only have one path to defeat ISIS and that is to evict the Quds Force from Iraq and disconnect militia gangs in Iraq from their main head. Mark my word and judge it in the years to come.

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