Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Gulf Countries in All-Out Confrontation Against Iran

Why are the Gulf Cooperation Countries in a flagrant confrontation against Iran?
The answer to this question can be easily found in the events seen in Arab countries and GCC members states. Currently the leaders of these nations view Iran as a destabilizing country that goes the limits to create a crisis in the stable areas of the region.

- On Bahrain we see that the Iranian regime has taken a number of its citizens to Iran, provided them terrorist training in military bases, and how to smuggle arms and ammo into Bahrain. The amount of ammunition recently discovered by Bahrain security forces from a group that intended to enter the country through the sea was enough to completely annihilate a Gulf country city. Afterwards we witnessed a terror attack in this country that left a police officer killed. The explosives used in this attack were similar to the type confiscated by Bahrain security forces.
- The situation in Kuwait is similar to Bahrain. Kuwait security forces were able to discover a large cache of arms and weapons in an area close to their borders with Iraq. Again the amount of ammunition discovered in this operation was enough to annihilate a city. A number of terrorists were arrested in this regard and in interrogation it became clear that the ammunition was provided and delivered into Bahrain by Iran-linked Hezbollah.
- The status quo in Syria and Iran’s direct meddling needs no explanations, and the rulers in Tehran have emphasized time and again that Syria is considered a province of Iran. In addition to training and commanding forces loyal to Bashar Assad in Syria, thousands of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi militants linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah have been dispatched to this country, and they are directly fighting in support of Bashar Assad against popular forces. The Iranian regime is the main element behind all the killings, massacres and crimes in Syria, and the millions who have migrated out of the country. Each year Tehran floods the Assad regime with tens of billions of dollars in financial support.
- The situation in Iraq is quite obvious and the meddling and crimes committed by the Quds Force and its associated militants has reached a point that the Iraqis across the country have risen in uprisings. On the other hand, Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi has launched reforms aimed at shortening Iran’s reach in this country, raising major reactions from Iran and currently there is an intense war between the Iraqi government and the people against the Quds Force and its militants and figures in the Iraqi government, such as former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki that support Tehran. This subject has reached a point that the war against ISIS, which has already taken control over large swathes of the country equal to about one third of the area, has now become a second-degree issue. Abductions and assassinations that are taking place these days in Baghdad and other provinces by militants and directed by Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani in Iraq are aimed at forcing Prime Minister al-Abadi’s reforms into complete failure.
In the warfronts against ISIS, this group has been able to take advantage of this divide and carry out attacks against security forces, inflicting casualties to the country’s security forces on a daily basis. This situation has forced thousands of Iraqis from the occupied provinces into migration and fleeing to European countries. Therefore, one can easily say the cause of all these crimes, massacres and displacement in Iraq is none other than the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran.
- Iran’s meddling with Hezbollah militants in Lebanon has placed this country on the very edge, in a way that there has never been a stable government in this Lebanon for the past ten years, and Hezbollah is seeking to gain control over the entire country through assassinations and various crimes.
- The situation in Yemen is a scene where Iran intends to use the Houthis, who have taken over this country. This came with a serious reaction from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the region as they launched Operation Decisive Storm and inflicted a harsh defeat to all of Tehran’s dreams.

All the subjects covered very briefly above is just a short mentioning of the Iranian regime’s flagrant meddling in regional countries. This list does not include the measures in other countries, especially in Africa.
Now, to provide a suggestion to all Gulf countries, one must say that the only method to confront Iran is solidarity and establishing a strong barrier against Tehran’s ambitions. Iran should not be able to view these countries as bait and reach out to realize its objectives.

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