Sunday, 20 September 2015

Who was behind the Bahrain bombings?

Septambr 2015
On Saturday, August 29th in the news I read a report about a bombing in Bahrain in which a police officer was killed and 7 others were left injured. All of a sudden my mind became focused on this country’s northern neighbor, Iran. The report went on to explain that one of the individuals arrested in relation to the Bahrain bombing had received his training in coordination with various al-Dawa Party leaders in the city of Karbala in southern Iraq, and the boat for the attack was provided by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
The explosives used in this bombing was no different from the ordinance used in the Sitra bombing in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, this information reveals that the boat confiscated by the Bahrain police had originated in Iran and equipped by the IRGC.
Two weeks ago in Kuwait, a neighbor of Bahrain, an arms and ammo cache was found near the Iraq-Kuwait border, and following investigations revealed that the arrested individuals had come from Iran. Prior to that, a terror cell in Bahrain intended to smuggle ammunition to the country through the sea, yet they were spotted and arrested. I can say with the utmost certainty that in the Middle East regarding any and all terrorist attacks that will take place, or have taken place to this day, all fingers should be pointed at none other than the Iranian regime. This has been my experience for the past 30 years.
Now the questions is that what profit do Iran’s rulers gain from this mayhem in neighboring countries? The answer to this question can be reached by taking a brief look at the events from Khomeini’s rise to power in Iran to this day. The Iran-Iraq War began merely 18 months after Khomeini hijacked the February 1979 revolution in Iran. Lasting 8 long years this war killed and wounded more than one million Iranians. Under the shadows of this war any and all dissent in Iran was silenced with execution.
Following the end of the war and the “chalice of poison” that Khomeini was forced to accept, expectations were that Iran’s ruling elite would not seek war and expansionist policies for years. Such a perspective came from a lack of knowledge regarding the nature of this regime. Following the end of the Iran-Iraq War to this day, by reviewing the status quo one can easily come to this understand that the amount and makeup of Iran’s meddling in other countries of the region has increased significantly, reaching to its climax in early 2015. Those who were not familiar with the Iranian regime felt as if Iran was gaining control over the entire Middle East. On one hand boasting in Syria and Iraq, gaining control over 90% of all regions in Yemen and in Lebanon where Hezbollah always had the last word. And in other smaller countries of the region like in Bahrain and Kuwait it was Tehran that was challenging for a rivalry.
Yet this was all mere hollow saber-rattling. Now that we look at the situation on the ground the status quo has reached a point that Iran has lost 90% of all its occupied areas, and soon all of the Iran-backed Houthi militants will be routed out of Yemen. In Iraq popular demonstrations saw people chanting against the presence of Iran in their country, and conditions turning for the worse very quickly for Iran’s militia groups and the Quds Force. In Syria the series of setbacks suffered by Assad forces and the IRGC towards Damascus are continuing as we speak. In Bahrain and Kuwait terrorist plots organized by the Quds Force and Hezbollah have been unveiled. And in Lebanon popular rallies have lopsided the conditions completely against Iran and Hezbollah.
Iran’s balloon-like growth, which had created this illusion in the region, and especially for Mr. Obama, that Iran was actually becoming a regional powerhouse, is now completely out of the question. Due to this perspective Mr. Obama entered the nuclear negotiations with Iran from a very low stance, and ended up in Washington providing concessions to the Iranian regime. Now we must say to Mr. Obama what you describe as a great victory for yourself is actually nothing but a shame for humanity, as you shake hands and sign agreements with those who are behind the killings of thousands of people in Iran and the region. However, history will continue its path and dictators must very soon pay for their crimes. And that day is not far.

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