Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hezbollah terrorists arrested in Kuwait

A report wired by Reuters indicated Kuwait authorities had discovered a large amount of weapons and ammunition hidden under a house adjacent to the Iraqi border belonging to a terrorist cell. These individuals were planning and plotting to destabilize Kuwait. The Kuwaiti [H1] Interior Ministry said the arrested individuals admitted they were connected to the Lebanese Hezbollah.
The amount of weapons and ammo found at this terrorist cell’s disposal was adequate for a coup d’├ętat and/or a very large and widespread attack. The discovered weaponry included 19,000 kilograms of ammunition, 144 kilos of explosives, 68 weapons and 204 hand grenades, all hidden in three different caches in the al-Abdali region.
This ordnance was smuggled from Iraq to Kuwait and the terror cell members were not only in contact but associated to the Lebanese Hezbollah. The Lebanese Hezbollah is active in Arab countries, with Bahrain being the first such country to blacklist Hezbollah in 2013.
Based on the latest reports 20 different individuals have been arrested in this regard. 
Al Arabiya TV reported these suspects were all arrested based on an investigation into a Lebanese Hezbollah terror network. The confessions made by the head of this network shows he was a Lebanese Hezbollah member for the past 16 years and met with different senior Hezbollah members at various periods.
The members of this terror network were all recruited in 1999. They had begun caching hundreds of kilograms of explosives, ammunition and weapons in the private farm five years ago, waiting for the call and right timing to make their move.
The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has said the members of this terror network number at more than 20, all being of Iranian and Lebanese origin.
The value of the discovered weapons in the black market is in the millions, and the sheer numbers of the weapons shows this could not have been the work of a single terrorist group and there must be a government behind all this. The discovered weapons and ammunition were inside a hole under a house near the Iraq-Kuwait border, and these weapons were smuggled to be used by members of the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror cell members.
Reports show the number of individuals arrested in this regard has reached 20 and they have revealed there is a direct line from Iran providing them with weapons to Kuwait
Iran’s use of “exporting the revolution” is aimed at gaining control over the region and the oil exports. As you can see the Iraqi people have risen in an uprising and this country has witnessed political avenges, popular demonstrations, war and bombings. And it is unclear where Iraq’s oil went.
The export of terrorism and “revolution” by Iran to the region is nothing new. Iran is attempting to pressure Saudi Arabia, disrupt security in Kuwait and Bahrain, and carry out terror attacks and bombings inside Saudi Arabia. The question is, what profit is Iran making of all this terrorist activity and disrupting security in regional countries?
One of the main pillars of this regime’s very existence is the “export of revolution” theory, and if it retreats from this very important mast, it will literally be toppled in very short period.
Finally, I would like to warn Persian Gulf leaders in this regard that this is not the first case and will most definitely not be the last. Until this regime is in power in Iran, your people will never live in peace without having to look over their shoulders. Any relations with the Iranian regime will actually increase its ambitions and intentions, and most important of all, it will further embolden Tehran’s mullahs.

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