Saturday 18 June 2016

Iran pushing for no-confidence vote against al-Abadi

June 2016
The occupation of the Iraqi Parliament and Prime Ministry Office afterwards by protesters proved Iran has lost control of the situation on the ground in Iran and this regime is no longer dictating its will to Shiite groups.
In most demonstrations despite the fact that the Iranian ambassador in Iraq would call on its associated elements to refrain from voicing anti-Iranian regime slogans, the protesters – infuriated over poverty and lack of security – were heard chanting “Iran, Out, Out.” This slogan disrupted all the Iranian regime’s calculations and in a senior Iranian regime official has reportedly said Tehran spent billions in Iraq and they still chant slogans against the Islamic republic of Iran in their demonstrations.

During the incidents of June 9th in Baghdad and various southern provinces, the demonstrators were seen attacking the offices of Iran-backed Shiite militia groups and parties, tearing down pictures senior figures of these groups and parties posted alongside images of Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini and current supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Protesters were also seen setting fire to the Iranian regime flag along with pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei. These events were considered too much to bear for the Iranian regime and they were reportedly holding the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responsible for this turn of events, arguing none of this would have occurred if he had stood against the demonstrators by firing live bullets (a plan blueprinted by the Iranian regime to use Iran-backed Shiite militia groups such as the Badr Organization, Asaeb Ahl al-Haq, Katayeb Hezbollah, Nojba and …).
According to news obtained from inside the Iranian regime as long as al-Abadi sits on the Prime Ministry seat Tehran will not be able to prevent such events. Therefore, setting aside al-Abadi through a no-confidence vote was placed on the agenda of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force and all pro-Iran groups and parties in Iraq.
The Quds Force plan in this regard is to use protesting MPs who have formed a group dubbed “Reform” led by former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to pursue the no-confidence vote campaign in the Iraqi Parliament. Considering the low number of these MPs and the fact that they will not be able to pursue this project, the Quds Force has provide Maliki a vast amount of money to convince other MPs to join the Reform group and through such measures gain a majority. Their ultimate goal is to demand a no-confidence vote in the Parliament after the one-month long summer vacation.
Another measure pursued by Iran in this regard is through the Iraqi judiciary. Arrangements were made for the Federal Court to issue its vote regarding the legality or illegality of the Parliament session regarding the expulsion of Speaker Salim al-Jabouri from his post. The Federal Court had established a fact-finding mission for this very purpose and the following their investigation they announced the Parliament session in which the protesting MPs held to expel al-Jabouri from his post was illegitimate and the number of MPs in the session were only 129. Iran, seeing its plans failed, quickly took measures through the Iraqi judiciary chief Midhat Mahmoud – a known element of the Iranian regime – and announced the investigation results will be postponed and established a new delegation to evaluate this issue. To this day they have postponed the session to announce their final vote. Iran is attempting to influence the Federal Court ruling and register the Parliament session voting to expel Salim al-Jabouri as legitimate.

The result is Iran is witnessing its dreams of gaining complete control over Iraq going down the drain, and it is refusing to bring an end to its previous efforts. Tehran is pursuing various new plots and intends to completely replace the heads of the three branches in Iraq (prime minister, president and judiciary) with new elements. It is worth noting that this plan by Tehran is farfetched from the realities inside Iraq and the Iranian regime will never be able to place a dirty operative such as Maliki as prime minister in Iraq. In the near future the Iraqi people will teach lessons to the Quds Force and its proxy Shiite militia groups for their crimes.

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