Friday, 14 August 2015

Houthi defeats in Yemen

Losing control over Aden and afterwards the strategic al-Anad air base in Yemen to forces loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi were major blows to Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. It is now expected all cities will be liberated from Houthi occupation in a short period.

Iran’s expansionist policies have suffered major blows following massive setbacks grieved by the Houthis. Tehran has taken action and based on reports from inside the Ansarallah group (the Houthis political wing) a political delegation travelled to Tehran in the first week of August to meet with senior Quds Force officials and receive more arms support.
Ansarallah official spokesman Mohamed Abdul-salam declared his forces’ complete withdrawal from the Anad air base.
“Saudi warplanes have been staging intense airstrikes since yesterday on the Anad air base located in Lahij Province. Afterwards, a ground force loyal to Abed Mansour entered the base and Houthi units were forced to retreat,” he said.
“The Saudis’ objective was to gain control over this important air base, to use it for training local forces, providing arms and transferring Arab ground forces. A large number of Ansarallah forces were killed in the Anad liberation operation and this base fell to Abed Mansour troops,” Abdul-salam added.
In their meetings with senior Quds Force and Iranian Foreign Ministry officials this delegation described the situation on the ground in Yemen, stressing the Saudi strategy in this war has changed and they need to shift their war tactics. They also emphasized on the necessity to prepare for ground attacks backed by Saudi warplanes.
On the objective of dispatching a delegation to Tehran Ansarallah claimed they intend to discuss and receive advice from the Quds Force and Iranian Foreign Ministry on new tactics and weaponry that the Islamic republic may be able to provide. Furthermore, it is expected that this delegation will negotiate with the Iranians on sending a message to Riyadh.

Following the nuclear agreement Iran will no longer be able to continue its previous policies in the region, and this nuclear agreement will have its toll on Tehran’s export of fundamentalism across the Middle East. 

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