Monday, 31 August 2015

Will the nuclear deal actually destroy Iran’s nuclear bomb apparatus?

The nuclear agreement recently signed between the P5+1 and Iran is a hot topic these days in US media, and also inside the Iranian regime’s owns factions.
This agreement has also cast its shadow over the US presidential elections. The debate in Washington is very intense and both campaigns are spending huge amounts of money to influence US lawmakers.
There are those who believe this agreement only sets back Iran’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons for a decade or two, and the articles of this agreement cannot neutralize Tehran in getting hold of nuclear weapons one day. They argue that the main goal was to annihilate Iran’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons altogether, and this has not been met.
The question is what is the best solution to confront Iran’s nuclear activities? And does this agreement meet all the objectives sought by the international community, meaning defusing Iran’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons?
In the past few days, facing attacks by various factions opposing the agreement, Mr. Obama has been forced to say all options are on the table. These remarks by Mr. Obama are so ridiculous that he doesn’t even dare use the term “military option”, and literally relieves himself of the pressures by just saying all options are on the table.
My main question from Mr. Obama is do you really doubt Iran’s intention to obtain nuclear weapons? Do you actually doubt that this agreement cannot prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? I believe neither Mr. Obama, nor his negotiation team haven’t the least doubt in this regard that Iran is, and always will be, bent on obtaining nuclear weapons. Here I ask myself why did Mr. Obama give into this agreement while it has crossed  all his redlines, and respected all of the red lines of Iran’s ayatollahs? The answer should be sought in the unfair war in Iraq, which Mr. Bush imposed on the US and the world, and brought nothing but destruction and loss in all aspects; and finally we witnessed how Iraq was presented in a silver plate to Iran. This disaster is the main reason why Mr. Obama was chosen as president in the first place.
The current agreement is not only no obstacle before Iran’s path to build a nuclear weapon, it in fact paves the path for Tehran because to this day there has never been a clear picture about the scope of Iran’s progress in uranium enrichment and its missile program due to the clandestine nature of its activities. Following this agreement Tehran can truly continue its activities as easily as possible and obtain nuclear weapons. The experience gained in the agreement with North Korea proves just this.
In my opinion diplomacy is of course a priority before any other option. However, it will never be enough on its own. This thesis is proven quite easily when you look back to the 12 years that Iran has been seeking to obtain nuclear weapons. The element that forced Iran to come to the negotiating table with a country it describes as the “Great Satan” were the weak sanctions that had literally crippled its economy and forced them to rush begging to the negotiating table with the P5+1.
The Iranians performed very well in the negotiations and turned everything lopsided. If Mr. Obama had truly sought his country’s interests, he could have easily defused Iran’s nuclear ambitions and prevent the mullahs’ meddling in the Middle East altogether. In my opinion this interference is much more dangerous than Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. However, it is a pity that Obama was in too much of a hurry and thought he could sign this agreement before the elections to have it used as means to guarantee victory for his party.
Time and again I have heard from those involved in politics that in the US the biggest priority in the last year of a president’s tenure is the upcoming elections. This wasn’t very clear for me until now that I have seen and experienced it myself, seeing how the American people’s interests are sacrificed for the interests of political parties. Naturally, the interests of the American people are the same as nations of the Middle East; which of course means nothing for Mr. Obama.

Now we must see what is the solution? The only way to provide security throughout the world and the Middle East is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and block its meddling in regional countries including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It is crystal clear that the United States and the P5+1 are very much capable of doing so. The regime in Iran is in very dire conditions and that is the reason why it was forced to come to the negotiating table. The only solution to confront Iran is adopting a firm policy. Nothing else. One very good example is the Decisive Storm launched by Saudi Arabia in Yemen that has literally pinned Iran to the ground.

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