Sunday, 23 August 2015

Khomeini, The Very First ISIS Man

To this day we have heard many reports upsetting us all on the crimes committed by ISIS in areas under their control. This criminal group is using various tactics and methods to murder and torture people, and today’s mankind cannot even tolerate to watch it.

We are living in such a day and age that any news report can be wired across the globe in the shortest amount of time. Cyberspace has provided a very unique and special asset to all of us, and no crime in the world can no longer remain a secret forever. Therefore, one can say that what we have heard about ISIS’ crimes is all of what these criminals have carried out against the people of Iraq and Syria.
To this day not even 1% of the crimes and killings carried out by Khomeini’s regime from the 1980s into the 21st century in Iran have been unveiled to the world, and mankind has been kept in the dark on this subject. During those years there was no Internet to have these crimes by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards reported across the globe. With this in mind, the Iranian regime’s carried out crimes that make ISIS’ measures seem like child’s play.
In early August I came upon a report that was very shocking for me. A court in the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran issued a ruling to have the right hand and left leg of a prisoner amputated. Seeing an image of the prisoner whose hand and feet were amputated I felt as if everything known as “human dignity” has been violated and utterly forgotten. This is nothing less than the viciousness we have seen by fundamentalist terrorist groups such as ISIS. The only difference is that the Iranian regime began carrying out these inhumane measures 35 years before ISIS.
Iran’s revolution was hijacked by Khomeini – himself known by the Iranian people for his murder, crimes and reactionary beliefs – and turned this country overnight into a land ruled by repressive mullahs. They took advantage of the Iranian people’s religious beliefs to cloak their crimes against the brave dissidents who toppled the Shah back in 1979.
Khomeini has even been described as a butcher, and his crimes are nothing less than what Hitler and Stalin resorted to. Using light poles to hang people in public, filling streets with dead bodies belonging to dissidents, imprisoning intellectuals, academicians and artists, along with many other crimes that will most probably be unveiled after the mullahs’ overthrow.
In 1981 Khomeini all of a sudden decided to execute thousands of prisoners in just a few nights. There was no family left unaffected. I am not exaggerating at all in saying that Khomeini was the very first ISIS and today’s ISIS members are merely the pupils of Khomeini’s teachings. They may like it or not, and it may be hard to digest but his actions undoubtedly prove this.
Today, the mullahs’ sitting on the throne in Iran are also following his lessons as they shamelessly issue rulings to have the hands and feet of poor prisoners amputated. Due to back-breaking poverty and sky rocketing prices in Iran, people are even forced to steal to provide something for their families to eat.

The reason I wrote this piece is this question: If this comparison is correct, then how can world powers sit down across one table with the criminals ruling Iran and sign an agreement on one hand, and on the other hand form an anti-ISIS coalition and fight against this group. This is where I have to shout out and ask what is wrong with this world? Why are world powers turning their backs and neglecting the crimes committed by the mullahs’ regime against 80 million Iranians? Is it all for financial interests?

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