Friday, 7 August 2015

Iran’s flagrant meddling in Yemen

A number of Iranian experts and military forces have been killed or detained by Yemeni popular resistance forces during the liberation of Aden and Lahij.
Popular resistance forces in Aden have arrested a number of Iranian troops fighting alongside Houthi militants in Aden and other parts of southern Yemen, said Aden Governor Nayef al-Bakri in recent press remarks. The resistance has a number of prisoners from various nationalities and they are currently conducting investigations to clarify their origins and assignments. A number of military experts and fighters were amongst these forces, including a large number Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) members that were arrested in the Aden, Lahij and Abyan battlefronts, he added, going on to say the names, nationalities and associations of these individuals will be released soon.

Tehran’s support for terrorist groups in Middle East countries is not limited to providing financial aid. In fact, according to intelligence reports unveiled for some time now, Iran is also dispatching military experts and troops to support these groups and take part in battle along their ranks and files.
Recent analysis, some carried out by US intelligence agencies, show that hundreds of military experts and advisor from Lebanon and other Arab countries have been dispatched by Tehran to Yemen to support Houthi militants, aimed at providing support to take complete control over of this country. These reports indicate that according to popular resistance forces in Aden a number of Iranian Quds Force experts known to have played major roles in the Houthi advances were arrested while supporting the Houthi march towards Aden.
Ismaeel Qa’ani, a military expert in the Quds Force, emphasized in recent remarks that Iran has been training Houthi militants for some years now. US intelligence reports revealed Tehran has continued its support of Houthi militants in Yemen to impose pressure on regional countries, all under the framework of its expansionist plans and implementing its political agenda in the Middle East.
These reports end with US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter on July 29th condemning Iran’s vexing measures in the Middle East.
There is a large amount of intelligence documents available proving Tehran’s direct role in Yemen in the course of sending ships carrying arms and ammunition to this country in the past few years, dispatching experts to provide training for Houthi militants in special bases in the Sa’de and Sana’a, and providing training to hundreds of Houthi volunteers in Hezbollah bases in Lebanon and IRGC bases in Iran.

Now, the question is that following the nuclear agreement Mr. Obama signed with Iran claiming this pact will prevent the mullahs from obtaining nuclear weapons, will this agreement also prevent the ‘atomic bomb’ Tehran is igniting in every single country of the region through its terrorist proxies? Is the financial profits the P5+1 countries – with the US leading the pack – gaining through this agreement more valuable than the blood spilled due to Iran’s meddling? I wanted to say to them, the P5+1 states, that rest assured, there will be no profits gained from this agreement and the catastrophic results of Iran’s meddling in the region will actually bite you back. Don’t think the bloods shed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, more recently in Bahrain and beyond as a result of Iran-backed attacks will stop in Middle East. Not at all. What is certain is that Tehran has a large appetite for terrorist and expansionist measures, and it will soon cause havoc for your interests, too.

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