Monday, 24 August 2015

Kuwait and Iran’s terror attack

Following the terror attack on a mosque in Kuwait that left many killed and injured, authorities across this country were able to discover and confiscate a large cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives in a village adjacent to the Iraq border, and then go on to arrest the terrorist cell involved in this issue. Kuwait security said this is was the largest terrorist cell in Kuwait and they were under surveillance for 6 months that led to the confiscation of a significant amount of explosives. The Kuwaiti public prosecutor has now launched an investigation regarding this terror cell, first looking into any relations with Lebanese Hezbollah.
I believe the confiscated weapons and explosives were all meant for attack operations. These attacks are considered aggressive terrorist plots with the objective of creating havoc, sedition and cementing a climate of fear in the country.
A friend says Iran’s ambitions are aimed at all capitals of Arab countries. Currently the priority for Iran has changed to the capitals of Persian Gulf states. Iran is seeking to pursue the same policies it implemented in Iraq and Syria, and in its meddling in Yemen that was stopped by Saudi Arabia. Now it is intending to enter its neighbor country of Kuwait. Hezbollah is a terrorist group and dubbed the Arabic version of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Readers may be surprised and caught off guard if I unveil the amount of their intelligence activities in war rooms across Iran.
In social media and the Internet in general we have to warn the people of the Middle East about what Iran is doing. Inside Iran the people are under intense Internet surveillance pressure, and so we have to open our own path.
Here are my words of advice to the leaders of Persian Gulf states. We have to go on the offensive. We must not wait for terrorism to show up in our own back yard. We can defend ourselves in our own ways. Iran’s IRGC is actually the entity ruling this country, and our enemy is none other than the IRGC. We must launch TV and radio stations in Farsi, along with Farsi newspapers. No one has the amount of money that Gulf nations enjoy.
25 Iraqi channels associated to Iran are continuously attacking the Gulf countries. This is our responsibility in the next stage. We must not just sit back and merely condemn…
The threat of Hezbollah as the Arabic version of the IRGC is very serious, and also the IRGC currently has many members on social media writing articles in Arabic insulting Gulf leaders. These individuals are currently in Tehran and very active indeed.

The important issue is to inform people about the plots implemented by the Iranian regime in pursuit of its political objectives across the Middle East. 

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