Saturday, 8 August 2015

Mrs. Mogherini! Don’t take advantage of Iranians’ suffering!

I was shocked to hear about a trip to Iran by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini! Yes, Mrs. Mogherini went to meet Iran’s rulers who humiliate their own people and plunge them into poverty, and she sat at one table with these bloodthirsty criminals whose hands are drenched with the blood of people in Iran and the entire Middle East.
Time and again the EU has been praised for its strong positions in supporting deprived people under dictatorial regimes, especially their positions over the struggles of the Iranian people and Syria against the mullahs in Tehran and Bashar Assad in Damascus. These positions showed that humanity sat at a high level in EU policy, especially in their approach on human rights dossiers in the Middle East and across the globe.
Has Mrs. Mogherini lost her mind or does she actually understand what she is saying and doing? Has she gone mad in taking such steps to ruin all her past professional career and tarnishing all of the EU’s stature in the face of public opinion?! Mrs. Mogherini! May I ask what are you doing?! Do you understand what horrible actions you’re committing?!
A human being with common sense wouldn't be doing something like this, and we don’t know if we have common sense and has Mrs. Mogherini gone crazy, or the opposite! During her tenure as the EU foreign policy chief, and considering her political experience in confronting complex international issues, it is quite obvious that she is completely aware about the Iranian regime’s human rights violations. Even if we suppose that she has little political experience, does she not read the news wired by Western media on the mullahs’ crimes, continuous public executions, hundreds of thousands of dissidents being arrested and sent to horrific prisons, practicing various types of torture and rape against women and men?! (Ever since Rouhani has come to power an average of three executions have been officially reported each day)

Our world today is involved in a global fight against terrorism, and Iran with the mullahs at the throne, is the main workshop producing terrorism. Tehran is a regime involved in exporting terrorist and fundamentalist groups to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen and the entire region. The mullahs’ regime in Iran is like an octopus with tentacles spreading to all countries of the region, and engulfing the entire Middle East in civil and religious wars; Tehran is also spreading its venom everywhere.
Attention Mrs. Mogherini! This is the regime you sat down and talked with!
Mrs. Mogherini’s visit to Iran is not only a stamp of approval of all the mullahs’ crimes against the Iranian people and nations across the region, it also encourages the repressive regime to continue its crimes. If today 10 innocent people are killed on a daily basis, this number will reach 100 after this trip. If there are now 10 car bombs exploding in Iraq every day, after this trip the entire country will go up in flames. If there are 20 militant groups roaming Iraq, Syria and Yemen, tomorrow there will be 20,000…

Wake up Mrs. Mogherini! Don’t play with fire and don’t ridicule the fate of the Middle East people. Please, do not be the element encouraging further killings, perishing hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings. Visiting the wolf’s den is not child’s play. You have to understand that Iranian regime officials and authorities buy and sell people, and even kill hundreds of thousands with the stroke of a pen. Is it logical to sit down and negotiate with them, and not rise and take a brave stance against them and unveil their crimes?!

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