Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Iran supporting Houthis with arms

These days, various reports about Iranian interference and weapons supply to the Houthis, the last case, return back Iranian ship by the US government. This is the tip of the iceberg, I decided to share the following information available to the public. See on web
-         Majid Zargham, an element of the Yemen Ansarallah group says the Tehran-Sana’a airway is closed due to Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, and during this period they have not received any arms support through air transits from Iran. He went on to say prior to the Ansarrallah operations against the central government in Yemen, a large number of short range surface-to-surface missiles were provided by Tehran and they described it as a major act of support. Some of these ordinances remain in warehouses in Yemen, he added, going on to say currently the land route of Port al-Hadid has been opened and the Islamic Republic of Iran is sending small and medium sized weapons, he added. Port al-Hadid is Ansarallah’s only connection to the outside world.
-         In the month of July the Ansarallah group declaredthey had received two Zelzal missiles from Iran, and launched them to the al-Salil base in Saudi Arabia. This site is located near Riyadh. According to incoming reports the Saudis traced this missile and shot it down.
-         Amir Abdullahian, deputy foreign minister of Iran in Arab and African affairs presented a report today  in the National Security Commission of Iran’s parliament focusing on the crisis in Yemen. He referred to the latest Ansarallah reports and said, “According to the latest report they sent to the foreign ministry, their weapons and ammunition are in good conditions.”
-         An Ansarallah commander says they will soon launch widespread aperiodic attacks against Saudi Arabia, its border cities and bases. With missiles we have received from Iran we will target sites deep into Saudi soil, he added. They are attempting to instigate the Saudis to launch a ground offensive to both undermine international support for Riyadh and also defeat the Saudis in a very vivid manner as they lacks a very certain ground force.
-         Iran is sending weapons to the Houthsi through Red Crescent humanitarian aid ships. Nosser Charkhsaz, head of the Iran Aid & Rescue Organization said about the ship named ‘Shahed’, “We have sent weapons and ammunitions to Ansarrallah twice under the pretext of Red Crescent ships. On the third round since we knew the ship would have been searched the ship only carried food stuffs and medications, and there were no weapons hidden on board.”
-         Due to Saudi-led coalition airstrikes all of the main airports under Houthis’ control are out of order, and the Houthis are seeking to secretly construct new airstrips to allow Iranian regime planes secretly land their planes and provide their aid. Ansarallah spokesman said  they are running very low on ammunition.

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